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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum (Where Am I, Where Are You) is an Indian romantic drama television series that aired from 17 June 2019 to 14 March 2020 on Star Plus.[3] Produced by Sandiip Sikcand under SOL Productions, it starred Karan Grover and Dipika Kakar.[4]

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum revolves around the lives of Dr. Rohit Sippy and Sonakshi Rastogi, two completely different individuals belonging to completely different worlds unaware of the very fact that their worlds, though different , are meant to collide.



  • Karan Grover as Dr. Rohit Sippy (Heart surgeon) : Veena and Naren's son; Rohan and Ajit's brother; Pooja's half-brother; Sonakshi's husband (2019–2020)
  • Dipika Kakar as Sonakshi Rastogi Sippy (Television Actress) : Suman's daughter; Praniti and Pulkit's sister; Rohit's wife (2019–2020)


Dr.Rohit Sippy may be a successful cardiologist; calm and practical, he swears by logic and science. Sonakshi Rastogi may be a popular Television actress; chirpy and vivacious, she lives within the world of fiction and magic. Dedicated in their own fields, the 2 are broken souls with troubled pasts.Rohit holds himself liable for the condition of his girlfriend,Raima who is in coma since 4 years. While Sonakshi was betrayed by her characterless boyfriend,Karan. However they meet and begin off on a conflicting note, unable to know each others' worlds which are different . Slowly, they begin seeing one another during a new light, forming a bond of support and friendship.

With time,Sonakshi falls crazy with Rohit.Guilt-ridden and unable to maneuver on from Raima's memories, Rohit refuses to simply accept having fallen for Sonakshi but eventually realises and accepts his feelings. Meanwhile, Raima wakes up from coma after four years. Stubborn and accusive initially , she later understands Rohit and Sonakshi's love and accepts being his past. Free from his guilt,Rohit and Sonakshi gets married.Raima leaves.

Sonakshi realises Rohit not being in good terms together with his father, Naren Sippy.Upon asked, Rohit reveals to Sonakshi that his father cheated on his mother, Veena Sippy with another women and features a daughter,Pooja who was later adopted by his own aunt,Nishi Sippy and her husband Yash Kapoor ( YK ) .

Affair between Rohan(Rohit's brother) and Pari(Sonakshi's sister)is exposed by Rohan's wife, Tanya,who is pregnant.Veena accuses Pari being characterless and slaps her.Enraged Sonakshi's mother,Suman Rastogi accuses the Sippys and divulges Naren's truth to Veena which shatters the latter.

When Naren announces his decide to transfer ownership of all his property to Veena and Pooja, Nishi who wants the entire property,tries to kill him and blames Sonakshi for it.Pari tries to maneuver on from Rohan but is left shocked when she realises that she is pregnant together with his child.Tanya miscarries.When Rohit finds out about Nishi, she blackmails him to divorce Sonakshi. Helpless, he agrees. Sonakshi starts to believe Rohit to be betraying her and burns her pictures with Rohit, having lost her faith crazy . Rohit is drunk and heartbroken.

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