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 Kuch Toh Hai: Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein (There's Something: Female Serpent In A New Colour) is an Indian supernaturalfantasythriller television series produced by Balaji Telefilms.[1] It stars Harsh Rajput and Krishna Mukherjee



  • Harsh Rajput as Rehan Singhania: A cursed AadiShaat, Veer and Bani's biological son, Pam and Shashank's adoptive son, Soumya, Arnav and Mini's adoptive brother. Priya's husband.
  • Krishna Mukherjee as Priya: A hybrid human-fairy raised in an orphanage; Rageshwari and Farishta's daughter; Swati, Arushi and Roohi's half-sister, Rehan's wife.


The story is about Rehan and Priya, who are completely different from one another . Rehan is extraordinary, lives sort of a human though not one of them. He likes darkness and hates light as he's a cursed Aadishaat (vampire) and searches for love which he never finds. Priya may be a half-human, half-fairy. She has some incredible powers. the 2 meet in Mussoorie when Rehan returns to India to find out the reality behind his supernatural identity while Priya arrives there to look for her long lost parents. They both feel interested in one another but hide their real selves. Priya starts living within the Khurana's mansion unaware that they're her real family. Rageshwari, Priya's estranged mother, knowing their powers and their destiny; tries to separate Priya from Rehan believing that he might harm her. Meanwhile, Rehan and Priya repeatedly cross paths and sense connections. Priya learns from Rageshwari that she is her mother and Farishta is her father. She decides to stay this a secret so as to not ruin her mother's respect ahead of her family.

Rehan starts to urge his ultimate vampire powers. Priya finds out about Rehan's identity after seeing him in his true form. He unwillingly attacks her but fails. He realises that something is preventing him from harming her. subsequent day being a full-of-the-moon day is when Rehan will completely transform into an Aadishaat. Meanwhile, Swati and Arnav's engagement takes place. Priya thinks that she should reveal Rehan's truth ahead of everyone but Rageshwari locks her during a room, fearing Rehan might harm Priya to become more powerful. it's also announced that Soumya and Mohit's engagement also will happen an equivalent day. But Mohit hesitates to form Soumya wear the ring and divulges to everyone that he loves Priya. most are left shocked and Rehan goes to confront Priya about her relationship with Mohit.

Rehan apologises to Priya for scaring her and expresses his deep love for his sister, Soumya. He also says about her love for Mohit. As Priya says she has no feelings for Mohit, Rehan asks for her help to form Mohit conscious of the reality . He convinces her to comply with his fake proposal of marriage to stay Mohit faraway from her. She agrees on the condition that Rehan shouldn't hurt her family. Rehan thanks and takes her back home where he proposes her. But Priya disagrees and says that she loves Mohit, upon being blackmailed by a stranger named Ajnabi who held Rageshwari hostage. Rehan gets angry on Priya for ruining their plan and his sister's life (unknown of the truth) and takes her to a jungle and kills her in fury. within the process, he completes becomes an Aadishaat and acquires uncontrollable powers leaving him unaware of what happened that night. Priya dies. Rageshwari takes Priya's body to a mysterious place and pleads for her revival.

Upon her request, Shivanya, Shivangi, Bela, Brinda and Bani are summoned to offer their poison to Priya as an antidote for Rehan's bite. Priya is resurrected and transforms into a naagin with powers adequate to Rehan. Meanwhile, Rehan is wonders where Priya went and he tries to recollect the night he took her to the jungle. Priya decides to require revenge on Rehan for killing her for not reason. Thus, she returns to his mansion and tricks Mohit to marry her. Rehan threatens Mohit and asks him to marry Soumya. He senses Priya around him and begins to seem for her round the house. He finally sees her disguised as a bride, hiding Soumya and taking her place. He quickly exchanges his place with Mohit and locks him during a room. Rehan and Priya marry . The others are left shocked once they see Priya and instantly disagree their marriage. Upon Rehan's insistence, they comply with let Priya stay in their house.

Rehan and Priya further fight with eachother continuously, while Soumya and Pam are revealed to be evil shape-shifting eagles, who want to kill Rehan for his powers. it's also revealed that Soumya is Ajnabi, the stranger who misguides Mini and Aru within the name of ghost-hunting. Their plans go unsuccessful as everytime Priya comes in between. Later, Pam kills Rageshwari and lets Priya believes Rehan to be the killer. Upon few hints, Priya doubts Soumya to possess killed Rageshwari thanks to which she confronts Soumya when she reveals her indentity to everyone. Pam kills Soumya as she fears foe her expose and makes Rehan blame Priya for her death. Meanwhile, Rehan learns of Priya being a naagin. Pam persuades Rehan to ask Priya to go away the house. Priya being emotionally hurt by her mother's demise, decides to travel away.

As, Priya leaves, Pam captures Rehan and takes him for extracting his powers under the moonlight. Priya gets alarmed by frequent visions and senses some danger. She rushes back to Rehan's house only to seek out Shashank, Arnav and Mini unconscious. She gets to understand about Pam's secret, asks Aru to remain behind to require care of the others and leaves to save lots of Rehan. Pam successfully acquires Rehan's powers, leading him to die. Priya witnesses this and confronts Pam vainly . She cries over Rehan's death but later brings him back to life with the help of the divine Brahmakamala. Both of them collaborate to kill Pam and obtain back Rehan's powers. Priya reminds Rehan that he has no powers left now, that he tells her that , he's still a strong eagle as he's the son of a naagin and cheel. They together attack Pam and kill her eventually . Rehan gets back his powers, becoming an Aadishaat once more .

The show ends with Rehan and Priya confessing their love for every other and reuniting with their family.

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