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Godzilla vs. kong (2021) Review and Download


Madison discovers that Simmons is creating a robot of Monster zero as well Godzilla has started destruction in Hong Kong. Ilene and her team have come out of the HEAV The axe in Kong's hands is made from the dorsal plate of Godzilla. Using that axe, the energy source shows up. Maya sends it to Hong Kong Ilene stops her from doing so but Maya makes them all hostage Kong looks angry, the destruction has started. Kong and other creatures have attacked the apex team Maia gets into the HEAV but creatures have confronted Ilene, Jia and Lind Godzilla then destroys Kong's throne and the Maias team tries to escape by firing Kong Kong kills them all and starts fighting Godzilla taking his axe Ilene, Lind and Jia have reached Hong Kong.

Madison, Josh and Hayes are caught and taken to Simmons Kong and Godzilla are engaged in an intense fight. Kong hits Godzilla as if hell beat him After that, he thrusts an axe at his face. Godzilla attacks him with a laser but the axe protects Kong from it Godzilla thrusts the axe away and again attacks him. Kong gets injured but does not give up He holds the axe again and hits him in the head this time Madison is so angry over Simmons. Simmons has provoked Godzilla Godzilla is stubborn and he gets up again as nothing happened.

Kong attacks him from behind but Godzilla thrusts him away. Godzilla has injured Kong so bad After that, he gives an intense look to Kong and leaves Simmons has turned on Mechagodzilla and it kills Simmons first Not being able to control him, Ren dies too Mechagodzilla has started his fight with Godzilla Then again there's an intense fight again. Mecha thrusts Godzilla over the ground Jia meets Kong and Madison is trying to turn down Mechagodzilla Lind gives Kong the energy to get him back in his senses. Jia tells Kong that Godzilla isn't the enemy At that, Kong saves Godzilla from the robotic Godzilla Godzilla and Kong team up and give him a tough competition But then again it is hard to defeat him. Kong takes his axe and attacks Mecha Josh explodes the system due to which the system of Mecha gets ruined.

Kong and Godzilla then knock him out together. They destroy his whole body After that everyone reunites with their family It seems as if Godzilla and Kong are going to fight again but that doesn't happen Kong drops his axe to give a message of peace Seeing that, Godzilla goes back into the water Kong then sees off Jia and goes back to his home And the movie ends with that!

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