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The Secret Life of Pets 2 official review


 I know that some people say that the secret life of pets is pretty much a rip-off of a toy story but I like this movie even though. 

it's been two years since I've seen the sequel so happy easter everybody and today. I'm going to do my 18th move review on the movie that I watched last night right so here it is it's called the the secret life of pets oh yes one of my favourite illumination movies. 

Ever yeah so basically the plot is that we have a jack Russell terrier named max who lives with his owner Katie and then Katie introduces him to duke who is max's brother and is a fat dog which max doesn't like him as much and he tries to get rid of him I mean I know that he would be friends with him a couple of minutes later in the movie. 

Then we also get the other pets called um Chloe who is a cat Mel who is another dog and then snowbell who is a rabbit and then Gidget who is pretty much a white dog and then sweet pea the bird and I think that's it really now guys I saw this movie a few times at home. I'm not kidding I saw this a few times at home. 

first of all, it's with my family and now I saw it last night on blu-ray yeah this movie still holds up you know okay so the story is quite good the characters are quite good and the animation looks good plus I like how it's set in new york the city seems like it's in Madagascar yeah I like new york but I've never met that place before yeah anyways. 

I bet once more I want to talk about the secret life of pets so hope you guys enjoyed this movie review on the secret love of pets if you did please leave a like comment and subscribe to for more reviews and movie download but until then take care.

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