10 Best Horror web series hindi 2021

We all like a good spooky movie every now and again.

Horror web series might be difficult to find due to the constant inflow of fresh material.

Furthermore, they have a poor reputation in India, which is understandable.

Historically, terrible horror films and series have been made, and for lovers of the genre, finding a programme worth watching might seem like searching for Pandora's Box.

We've got a sure-fire technique to bring you some spine-tingling sensations. Read on to learn more.

As you peruse our selection of must-see Indian horror web series, be sure to microwave your popcorn and turn on the light. 

Parchhayee: Ghost Stories by Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond's novels were a fantastic resource for passionate readers searching for a good scare back when books were mainstream.
Parchhayee is a compilation of 12 horror stories that are inspired by his novels set in the hills.

Complete with jump scares and terrific characters, this film is a complete package.
It may not be overly frightening to those who are accustomed to horror, but it will give you enough to think about. 


This psycho-horror thriller follows a novelist (Kalki Koechlin) who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She moves to a hill station for some peace but soon finds herself having visions of a girl around her house. The difference between reality and figments of her imagination is unclear.

We eventually get to know her traumatic past which brings forth shocking revelations. Bhram blends the psychological beautifully with the paranormal and ends up being a terrifying yet engaging watch.

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Flip is an anthology of four stories that are full of surprising twists and turns.
The episodes are titled The Hunt, Bully, Massage, and Happy Birthday, amongst other things.
The stories, which deal with dystopia, curses, family tragedy, and the like, are diverse.

Ranvir Shorey, Jim Sarbh, Shweta Basu Prasad, Arjun Mathur, Shweta Gulati, Sandeepa Dhar, among others, star in the film. 


Radhika Apte portrays Nida Rahim, a young military officer assigned to a distant interrogation centre in a dystopian future where the government operates a rigid authoritarian system.

Recent apprehension of the world's most deadly terrorist, Ali Saeed, is her assignment.

As soon as Saeed enters the building, chaos ensues.

As a result of his refusal to provide any information, the authorities begin to have hallucinations and are forced to confront their greatest fears and regrets.

Rahim suspects Saeed of being possessed by an entity out to destroy them as people begin to die.

A wonderful narrative with terrifying moments can be told in just three episodes of Ghoul. 

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Doctor Reyna Kapoor (Sanjeeda Sheikh) goes from Bengaluru to Mumbai to start again.
However, she is anxious to resume her surgical duties despite being on medication for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Things start happening around her that aren't explained, and she begins to perceive an entity.

But she isn't content.
It is her neighbour, Sahil (Vatsal Sheth), who she confides in and asks for aid.
It's possible, though, that Sahil is not who he says he is.
Vikram Bhatt's Gehraiyaan is a welcome addition to the horror collection. 


'Goa' is the setting of Sujoy Ghosh's horror web series.

They decide to go ghost hunting in the strange Bardez mansion, whose owner died there while working on a novel called The Ghost of Sultanpore.

They believed their scheme would fail when a new family moved into the historic house.

An ancient typewriter may be to blame for mysterious happenings that occur.

Past and present are alternated, revealing mysteries buried inside Villa del Palmar.

In a flurry of sudden fatalities, the truth is exposed. 

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This term has a connection to black magic, as implied by its name.
These evil abilities are shown in many television series and movies.
This is a series about a lady who, out of envy, tries to use black magic to harm her in-laws. 

Ragini MMS returns

Few years ago, we were all familiar with the film Ragini MMS, which was released in theatres nationwide.
Ragini MMS Returns is an Indian horror web series created by the film's creators.
Obviously, there's a ghost in this narrative about a college-bound girl and her companions.
Odd, right? The ghost murders the one who is in love with him.
Although the programme did not do as well as the movie, it is still worth seeing.
It's worth watching at least once, if not twice.
This web series in Hindi includes two seasons and 27 episodes. 

Ghost Leela

The characters in a novel have captured our hearts many times.

I am going to tell you the storey of a girl who falls in love with a guy who does not exist in reality.

You'll also find a love triangle and human sacrifice in the narrative.

One season of this webseries has been released in 2019. 

Darr Sabko Lagta Hai

There are paranormal activity, supernatural happenings, zombies, spirits and ghosts in this horror web series.

It's what any horror movie or web series fan wants to see.

This online series from India features two seasons and 49 episodes.

It has received mixed reviews, but you should still give it a go. 

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